Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

It was a GORGEOUS day this past Sunday, so Daniel and I decided to walk to my parents house for lunch instead of driving this time. Little did we know that it takes a good 15 min to walk there instead of the 30 second drive that it usually feels like. Oh was fun going for a walk and letting the dogs be outside. They hate being inside all day, but Rhymer wont touch the snow if we let her out. haha. So here we are enjoying mother nature on a warm winter day.

While we were at my parents house, me, Daniel and Skye decided to play speed. Skye ended up winning. Then we played 21 where Daniel won the first and Skye won the second game. Skye and I gained up on Daniel the second game...I knew I wasn't going to be the one to win, so I just wanted to make sure Dan didn't win. haha. He's too good to be playing with a girl and a 12 year old even though my brother is AWESOME! I had so much fun. I LOVE to play basketball, especially with my family.
So, walking to my parents house was way fun and relaxing. Hanging at my parents house for a few hours, playing a few games of basketball...makes me exhausted. Then I thought walking there was a terrible idea, because I didn't think about walking home after the long day. Oh well. We still had fun walking back and it took us even longer to get home because of how slow we were walking. :)
I love Sunday's!

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Jess and Whitni said...

I love Sundays too... they are my favorite! Jess and I always have fun on the weekends especially... like playing board games together or going on walks like you guys! =] The picture of you walking your pooches is cute!