Monday, March 23, 2009

Ma's Twins Birthday's

Ma (my grandma..but DO NOT call her grandma...that makes her sound old. haha) is the funnest lady ever. I love going to visit her. Me and my cousin Alex always go see her for our birthday's every year.

My cousin Alex's birthday is the day after mine. Ma always called us her twins. I love having our birthday's one day apart...and especially that I'm a day OLDER than he is! That was always the best part while we were growing up, I loved letting him know that I am older. :) We have so much fun together. I love my Alex!!

Here is a pic of Alex and his girlfriend Claudette. They are both so cute!

Here is my "Ma". She usually WILL NOT let us take pictures of her, but for some reason this year she didn't fight us one bit on it. I'm glad I have all of my birthday memories with Ma and Alex. It makes it so much fun.
Our uncle Bud's birthday is actually on March 20th, Mine is the 21st and Alex on the 22nd.
Quite the birthday week for our family, and we LOVE it!


Amber said...

Happy Birthday! I am going to be 23 this year too.. wierd! We are expecting our second baby on September 2nd (Matt and Marc's B-day) .. so I am about 17 weeks along. We will find out soon what we are having!

Tyson and Clarissa Franc said...

Yeah I'm glad I get to catch up on you guys now! Happy Late B-day! Your hair is darling!

BreAnn Clark said...

wow i can't believe how much has been going on. I need to check in more! happy late birthday

Jess and Whitni said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shandi! You got spoiled on your birthday, lucky girl! haha =0) You deserve it though, I'm glad you had a memorable day!

TycesCandie said...

Hi Shandi! Thanks so much for the VERY nice comments! Tyson says you are such cool gal, and I seriously think we could be good friends! You sound just like me! LOL..I Hope you had a super fun b-day, it looks like your hubby spoiled ya! :) Oh, and that condo we stayed in while we were in Mexico was seriously absolutely gorgeous, the pics don't do justice! And it was not expensive at all!! Especially going with another couple we were able to split the cost, if you are ever interested in going there let us know and we can get you the info! :)

Heidi and Kevin said...

haha i totaly forgot about the video we made let me know if you find it!!! haha