Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mackintosh Girls Shopping

So my mom took all of the sisters shopping for dresses to wear for Sara's wedding. I had a blast. Shopping can, and will bring out the worst side of someone. :) Two of my sister's DID NOT like shopping after a little while of not finding anything that they wanted. (which starts the sister fighting. haha) Oh well, in the end everyone still had fun and Myley was the only one to find a dress that she liked. She'll look so cute at the wedding...her dress is darling. (I already ordered one online, so hopefully it will look good...I guess we'll find out soon.)
Kelsey, Myley, Mom, Sara, Shandi

*oh yeah, I did buy a shirt and I got Kelsey a cute shirt too. So it was a trip worth while. What can be better than Mackintosh sister and mom bonding anyway?

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