Monday, March 2, 2009

he's so hot right now!

So, this is one thing that Daniel LOVES to play....the DRUMS. He's my little DRUMMER BOY.
I love listening to him play. Most of the time he's listening to Coldplay and playing one of their songs. When we got home from church on Sunday he went right up to play, so I thought I would video him this time so I could share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry the sound quality is not very good. **It's a lot louder in person** On some of them I started recording too soon..(a few songs had a long intro before the drums would come into play)

let me know what you think of my sexy, talented husband!


Jess and Whitni said...

wow shandi! your hubby has talent! I'm way impressed!!! =0) I always used to wanna learn to play the drums when I was little.... haha - I don't think I'd be good tho!

Bradley, DeAnna, and Donovan said...

I LOVE when Brad plays his guitar. There is nothing sexier than a man playing an instrument!