Saturday, February 28, 2009

My girl Rhymer and My man Loafer:

So the other day Dan was gone to school, and I was very bored at home alone. So I decided to take some pictures of the dogs. We used to take pictures of them all the time, but we have been slacking lately. So here you are the dogs of the Larsen household.Here we have Loafer on the left and Rhymer to the right.They are the best dogs ever! It took me a long time to get them to stop playing long enough to pose for a picture. Aren't they cute?!
This picture is my favorite. I hate the dogs licking my face and Rhymer usually tries to sneak one in once in awhile.I love my girl...she is so sweet! I know she looks goofy in this picture but I couldn't help but still post it. She always wants to be right by me.
Here is Loaf man! He doesn't look thrilled to be taking a picture with me. haha. He is a stud!!!Yeah, I know my eyes are shut, but I didn't have anymore pictures of me and Loaf. I just think he looks so cool! There you have it. Our DOGS!!

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Jess and Whitni said...

You have GOOD LOOKIN dogs! Has your girl pup had mini-pups before? If you bred those two, they would make the most adorable little puppies!! =0) haha - just a thought... (but i'll warn ya - Jess and I bred labs last year and it is one tough job!!!!)