Saturday, April 30, 2011

My little sister::

Thursday April 28th we went to watch my little sister Myley at her school dance company performance. She did amazing. I love watching her dance.

I babysit Reagan once a week and she got to come to the performance with me. :) She is so sweet!My dad and MyleySkye, Myley and meLittle brother Skye. :)
I miss dancing so much... but I love watching my sister. Fun night!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ezekiel K. Mackintosh April 16th 2011 BIRTHDAY!

I'm an AUNT!!!! My older brother Tosh and his wife Maggie had the first grandchild. Meet Ezekiel! He came 7 weeks early with an emergency c-section. He was 2lbs 09 oz. 16" long. Little itty bitty thing. I don't get to meet him until June. bummer. I love the pictures updates though.

Here here is around 30 seconds old. :)My brother holding him for the first time.My brother has a small hand, if that gives you an idea.The proud parents.getting fed through the tube.He can breath on his own after only 24 hours. They still do the oxygoen, just to be safe. He's too precious.I'm so happy for them!!! I can't believe I'm 25 and just barely became and aunt! Go figure, but YAY!!! :)

Hairspray! April 16th

We went to the Hales Theater to see the play Hairspray. We all loved it!!! My newest brother in law Brian's little sister was in the play. Lots of fun to watch her perform.

aunt Gay, Daniel and Imom and dad.Daniel and I are thinking of buying season passes to see the plays. Anyone want to join us?

Grandma's 80th Birthday Party.

April 16th we celebrated "Ma's" 80th Birthday! Lots of fun! We love our Ma!

Me and my brother SkyeCousin Zoriaha, sister Myley, brother Skye, Cousin Claire and me!
Skye, Clair and I again. :)Skye, me and cousin Cyus.
Dad, Skye, uncle Dane and me!My grandma and her children! Top row, Bud, Gay, Bruce. Bottom row, Belinda, ma and my mom! My grandma and grandpa thought it would be great to name all their kids names starting with a "B" and middle names that rhyme all together.... Oldest to youngest... Bertha Gay, Belinda Kay, Byron Ray, Bruce Jay and Becky Fay.Lots and lots of fun!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Arcade Fire/ Local Native Concert::

Arpil 11th we went the Arcade Fire and Local Native concert. Some of Daniel's favorite bands. They were pretty awesome. We had a lot of fun!! We can't get enough of concerts. :)

Local Natives:Local Natives::Us::Arcade Fire::
Duper::Me::Arcade Fire::
Me and my girl Rosie!! We always run into each other places. This was like our 5th concert running into each other. So fun!Arcade Fire::
Me and my boy::
Daniel and one of the members of Local Natives::Now me. :) ::
Daniel with the Tshirt he bought::Mine is better. haha ::So so so fun!!! Can't wait until the next concert. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My little sister Kelsey got married!!! ::

Kelsey and Brian were married on April 9th! Gorgeous wedding! Here are the wedding highlights. :)

We all had so much fun! A day to remember.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pass of all Passes!::

We decided to use the pass Daniel bought me for my birthday. Our friends also had the pass, so we met up to have a freakishly fun night! :)

Here we are riding our 4D roller ride!
Hold on Daniel!!!
Just tap it in!Me and my bestie Heidi!The four of us! Me, Daniel, Heidi and Kevin!We had such a fun night. I love hanging out with the Stoddards. ...Thanks Daniel for my pass. I LOVE it!

My Birthday!!::

I turned 25!!! Big year. phew! March 21, 1986 was the day I was born. :) I had SUCH a great birthday. Daniel is the best husband!
He got me way too many presents. Daniel always treats me so well.He bought me the pass of all passes!! (includes) Season pass to Trafalga, (lehi and orem) Season pass to Seven Peaks. Season pass to Owls baseball games, and Season pass to the Utah Flash basketball games! I'm so excited!!!
Socks!!! I needed them soooo bad!
A skirt and cute top for church!
3 pairs of jeans!!!I had the best birthday! We went out to dinner with his family, and then to dinner with mine. We went to a movie and then had a family party!! LOVED IT!!! 25 isn't so bad. :)

Larsen Family Photos::

Daniel's mom wanted us all to get family pictures. they are. :) We had a lot of fun. Dan's little brother took them for us. He did a great job. I love how they turned out.