Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shandi's 23!

Present's! Daniel is the BEST husband in the world. He made my birthday so much fun. I love being married to him. :) This is my 8th birthday that I've been able to spend with the love of my life. Thank you Daniel for all that you do for me!!!He definitely spoiled me on my birthday. I LOVE all of the gifts he got me. He's so considerate, and really thinks about things to get me. I'm so LUCKY!
My new summer scarf is darling! Thanks Babe! This perfume smells AMAZING! (Jessica Simpson, Fancy)
Daniel said the lady at the store made him smell over 50 different kinds. Thank you for spending so much time to get the perfect one!I LOVE this shirt, I wore it to the Zoo....see photo's below. :)Daniel found a pair of shoes for me online a few months ago, and I fell in love with them. ......He remembered that I loved them and got them for me. (What a great hubby) I get them sometime this week, and I can't wait!!Dan found a new store at the mall and got me 2 freaking cute shirts. They are both gorgeous. Nice work Larsen! THANK YOU DANIEL for the amazing gifts. I really do LOVE them ALL! You are so thoughtful!

Hogle Zoo
I've been wanting to go to the Zoo for years...and finally we actually went. I had a BLAST!! I couldn't stop smiling while I was there. I LOVE seeing all of the animals, and I LOVED being there with Daniel. I hadn't been there since I was very little and I hope we can go every year from now on!! SO MUCH FUN!

Driving on our way home. Yes..we took it while driving, I know it's unsafe, that's why you can see (the driver) Daniel is looking at the camera and I'm watching the road! :) haha.

On our way home my mom text me to come over to their house to open gifts from my parents and brothers and sister. The first one I opened was from my darling brother Skye. He gave me a coupon for one free movie and popcorn. (he's so freaking cute!)Kelsey and Myley bought me.....da na na na....The best movie EVER TWILIGHT!!!
I've already watched it 4 times since it was given to me. I can't get enough of it.

My mom and dad gave me these dang cute bowls. Now all I need is to have a party so I can show them off. (They also gave me a purse for my birthday/helping out a few weeks ago... LOVE IT... I'm using it in all the other pictures if you want to check it out.)Sara and Chase gave me a WAY cute shirt and some peace earrings! SO CUTE. (They weren't there earlier when we were taking pictures.) Also later Tosh and Maggie gave me some Lucky perfume. It smells WONDERFUL! Thank you everyone for all the presents!!

My sister Kelsey got asked to Prom for Alta High School. She looked GORGEOUS!Here they are getting ready to leave. I always hated it when my family took pictures before a dance, so I couldn't help but jump in the fun and take some of her. haha. (her dates name in Zack aka "Hashy") Later on that night my family wanted to go out to dinner with us, so my mom, dad, Myley, Skye, me and Daniel went to Chili's to eat. Dan and I ate there the night before too...can you tell we love that place!? haha. Dinner was great as usual, and then after we went back to my parents house to watch TWILIGHT!! I couldn't resist to watch it as soon as I got it. :)

Thank you to EVERYONE who text or called me to tell me happy birthday. I had a GREAT day!! BIG THANKS to DANIEL and MY FAMILY. I LOVE you all so much!


Cody and Hanna said...

Happy late birthday...I didn't know you were only a year younger than me. Then again, I guess I'll be 25 in a few months.
I am so old...

Shandee said...

Happy late birthday!!! It looks like you had a way fun day! Your shirt and scarf that Daniel got you are so dang cute!!! What a thoughtful husband, you are a lucky girl! I have been wanting to go to the zoo for so long but its been so cold! Im going as soon as it warms up!!!