Monday, October 26, 2009

Westlake VS Lehi football game:

This last Friday we went to the Westlake football game. It was weird wanting Lehi to lose. :) My sister Myley is a cheerleader for West Lake. (has anyone been to that High School? It's so freaking nice and HUGE!!) The game was way fun, even though the refs were crappy and called back like 8 touch downs Westlake scored. We still ended up winning even with all the bad calls. It was so much fun to watch Myley cheer. She is so adorable! I can't believe she's in High School!Sara, Shandi, Kelsey and DanielShandi, Myley, Mom and SaraDad, Mom, a girl in my parents ward I think her name is Brooke, Skye, Sara with her eyes closed, and Daniel.Shoosh, Vern and Dupes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boo-oo-oo-ya: Jazz Scrimmage

On Tuesday night the Jazz played a scrimmage game that was open to the public, and of course we had to go! We rode trax up to the Energy Solutions Arena and had a blast. We met up with Mike McKell and his girlfriend. My little brother Skye also joined us for the game.Okur and Williams had "buy tix" on their foreheads.They were filming some commercials which was fun to watch. They turned on some music and the boys were supposed to dance while in a circle.Jeff Hornacek hanging out while the team stretches.

As you all can see...WE LOVE THE JAZZ!!! We've already been to 2 Jazz games this year and the season hasn't started yet. =0) We're off to a great start for the season.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend with Kate:

Thursday night Dan's niece Kate came with her dad (Chad) from Texas to visit for around a day and a half. She is such a darling girl and I was so excited to see her again and to be able to watch her.

Chad was recording all day on Friday so I took the off of work to play with Kate. I loved being with her and I wish they lived closer so I could see them all more often. I miss the Neth's!We went for a walk with the dogs and I looked down and saw Kate holding on to the leash for the dogs so I had to stop and take a picture! I thought it was so cute! She was so cute with the dogs and loved being around them. The dogs also loved Kate and couldn't get enough of her. =0)When we got back to the house she had a hold of both dogs, so once again I had to take a picture of Kate with Rhym and Loaf.We went to my parents house for a little bit and she loved playing with Myley my sister. Two VERY cute girls!My cousin Natalie came over to my parents house with her two kids. Here is Kate showing Dallan she is the boss. =0) He is only 2 days older than Kate. They were so cute playing together.Claire, Kate, and DallanLater that night we all went to my cousin Stephanie's wedding reception. I had a lot of cousins jokingly saying...I didn't know you had a baby... It was fun having her there with me. She was a hit!Shandi and Natalie. I love spending time with my cousin. We have a blast together.Kate come back and visit soon. I miss you girl! *And all of the Neth family come to Utah!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

1st Jazz Pre Season Game & BYU game:

Nuggets 87, Jazz 103

We were able to get free tickets to the 1st pre season Jazz game because we are friends with Utah Jazz on Twitter. Awesome huh!? We always love watching the Jazz play. I hope we can go to a lot more games this season! We love the Jazz!
We got to the game about an hour early....we like to watch them warm up. =0)Carmelo AnthonyChris Andersen "Birdman"BYU vs Utah State: 34 -14.....GO COUGARS!

Thanks to my brother Tosh we were able to go to the BYU game this last Friday night. We had so much fun and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. I hadn't been to a game for 2 years so it was good to be back. We sat in the student section which was fun. They have A LOT of school spirit. haha. Thanks Tosh! We had a blast!!