Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We couldn't stay away from the UTAH JAZZ::

Yes, I know. We went to another Jazz game on Monday night. It was Jazz vs Suns and it was an AMAZING game!! My hands hurt so bad from clapping and my voice was all scratchy by the end of the night. (same with Daniel) We went crazy! =0)
Tip off. Lets Go Jazz! I was so worried at half time. We just couldn't seem to catch up.Half time show...one armed juggler. He was dang good.I love my husband for always taking me to the games. I'm sure he gets embarrassed of me for screaming and jumping up and down so much. haha.My man "Millie" Millsap... Go 24!da' boys!We made such a come back and more. I couldn't sit for most of the game. It was such a GREAT GREAT GREAT game!I love this game, and I love Utah's team. I love that I get to share these fun memories with my husband. I cannot complain one bit about my life. Daniel makes it AMAZING!

Tweets:: Lockedonsports
Phoenix Suns just set a record for most three pointers hit by a Jazz opponent in a single game. http://bit.ly/4YGsXS

Most pts by Jazz this season is 120 done twice, most recently vs Magic 12-10. 119-111 Jazz 9:17 PM Jan 25th from twidroid

Jazz 124 Suns 115. Classic Jazz basketball folks 9:22 PM Jan 25th from twidroid

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guess who we met:: Jeff Hornacek::

You guessed it, another Jazz game! They played against the Heat. Jazz kicked their butt. It was an awesome game! WE LOVE THE JAZZ!! (can you tell yet?)

Me, Daniel and JEFF HORNACEK!! He is so freaking cool!!
Me and my favorite person in the world..Daniel and his brother Chris..Where the beautiful game is played..Chris, Janice and Daniel..I love watching the Jazz play! We already have tickets to 2 more games. I can't wait! I hope we end up going to even more. =0) We can't get enough.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mackintosh Family Pictures::

This was my families New Years card photo. Jumping for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We had so much fun taking the pictures. I love my family and we have a blast together.

....Kelsey, Sean, Maggie, Tosh, Skye, Dad, Mom, Myley, Chase, Sara, Shandi and Daniel.... You always have to take a few funny face pictures... =0)The girls...Myley, Shandi, Kelsey, Mom and Sara...With my family, pictures can get really interesting....here are the boys using the outdoors as a restroom. (not really..just in case someone really thought they were peeing outside. haha)Then of course the girls had to join in. Except my mom and Maggie. They refused!! ha.Everyone in to enjoy the fun. With a lot of coaxing my mom and Maggie finally took a gross picture with us. There is never a dull moment with my family. hahahaha.Just in case you can't tell who we are my our rear ends....
::Tosh, Maggie, Skye, Myley, Daniel, Shandi, Sean, Kelsey, Chase, Sara, Dad and Mom::

Happy New Year again everyone!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve Party

We went to Kevin and Heidi's house for a fabulous New Years Party! It was so much fun! We ate lots of food, and played some fun games.Me and my sexy boy!10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My first kiss of the year. =0)Kristy and her fiance RyanKevin and Heidi...don't worry about the camera Kevin. haha.
Daniel and Ben...Cheers!Heidi, Shandi, and KristyI love hanging out with these girls.We had so much fun. Thanks for the great party Heid and Kev.