Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dan and I got invited to Dustin Topham's Halloween party! It was so much fun. I could not believe how dressed up Daniel got. He looked so good! Dan borrowed his costume from his boss John at work. John had all the parts to the costume but the wig. Of course Dan needed a wig to make the it look the best, so during my lunch at work I ran to Walmart and bought a wig, beads, hair elastics, and strong hold gel. For the rest of the afternoon at work I put everything together on his wig to make it look like Captain Jack. He made a really great pirate! :) I was pebbles from the flintstones. All I had to do was put a bone in my hair (a real bone I might add, from a cow) put on a necklace and through a hide over myself. haha. When we got to the party...we were the first ones there. (what we were hoping wasn't going to happen) My sister Kelsey told us to come on time. We were still late...we can't get anywhere on time..but yet were still the first. They had everything decorated amazing. We had the party in a barn, there were lots of lights, heat lamps, tons of food and a live DJ. We even got our picture taken in front of a sweet background. They had a big dance floor. After a lot of begging I finally got Daniel to dance and then he showed me up. Ugh. We had so much fun!! Thanks Dustin for having the party...we hope we are invited again next year. Also THANK YOU to Daniel for being such a great sport. He made it memorable. *(my sister Kelsey is the flower)*

Yard Work

It was such a great day a couple of Saturday's ago that Dan and I decided to wake up early and work in the yard. By 10:00 it was already way hot so we actually stopped working. haha. At least we tried for a little while. We LOVE our house and our yard. In our garden we actually have an apple tree and we even grew a pumpkin! Who knew they were planted? Not us! It's fun to go out to the garden to see what new things are growing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Since Lehi High School was celebrating 100 years they asked all of the "old" cheerleaders to come back and cheer for a little bit of the game. It was absolutely freezing at the game so Daniel and I left shortly after I got done cheering. Go Lehi!

It was really fun to see girls I haven't seen for years! I miss you all.
Back left to right: Jamie, Heidi, Amy & Me
Front left to right: Kristy & Shawnie

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Girls Night Out

While the boys were at the Priesthood session all the girls in the family (minus Kelsey who was babysitting) all went out to eat to Chili's! It was very fun! The food is always amazing there. :)  
It was my sister-in-law Maggie's birthday on Oct 1st so we also celebrated her birthday.  It was really fun to get together with all the girls. ***in the picture*** front left Maggie, back left Mom, front right Me, right middle Sara, back right Myley

Salt Lake Bees game!

A few weeks ago our friends Ben and Jamie Kent invited us to go to the Salt Lake Bees game. We had an absolute blast!! We got to the game early so we were all just hanging out and talking....some "Bees" girls came up to us and asked us if we wanted to participate in a game after the 4th inning.  We were all so excited. We didn't know what we would be doing, but from past games we knew they always did a game that made everyone laugh at the people playing.... that got me a little worried at least. :) In the middle of the 4th the girls came back and got us to go get ready. We got to go through the tunnel where the teams come out of. It was pretty cool down there. While we waited for the inning to end we sat next to the dugout! It was so fun to be right where the action was.  While we were down there the girls told us what we were going to be doing. They let us know that we would be against Ben and Jamie in a relay race. The sponsor was IHOP so we got to wear little IHOP apron's.... They set out 3 giant foam pancakes and then giant foam strawberry's...first the boys had to run to the stack of pancakes and grab back and then tag the girls... we took off to grab the next pancake...Ben stood in front of Dan so I couldn't stack the pancake until Jamie was ready to tag Ben. Then Dan and Ben were off again to get the last pancake. After that it was mine and Jamie's last turn to finish off the race and grab the strawberry topping. The race was soooo much fun. We all loved it. (Dan and I won!!! wahoo haha) After we got IHOP T-shirts!!! What a fun date we have to remember.