Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daniel's 24th Birthday 09/20/08

Daniel's BIRTHDAY!!! Poor Dan had to go to school that morning, but it gave me time to get everything ready...I bought some of the last things for his birthday the night before, and just because I waited so long something had to go wrong. I bought Dan a jacket and they left the "ink thing" on it...I did not want to drive all the way to Orem again plus I had no time since I had to get the house ready. I ended up going to 12 stores around Lehi (probably faster just to go to Orem) but I finally found a store who had the tool to take it off for me. I was pretty lucky!I tried to blow up a lot of balloons for him but for every two balloon's I would blow up Loafer would end up popping one. I was getting too light headed to keep going, so he only ended up with 25 or so balloons. When Dan got home we opened presents and then watched the Coldplay DVD he got for his birthday. Later on we got very hungry and couldn't wait for dinner with the family so we went out to eat. We ended up going to Cafe Rio. Later on his family came over and we all went out to dinner to Chili's (AMAZING..we love that place) It was so much fun. They even came and sang for Daniel...he was not happy about that, but it got us free cake. We came back to our house after dinner and we sang for Daniel and he blew out his candles. I put trick candles on the cake...I've never seen trick candles work so well...It took him a very long time for all of them to get blown out. haha. Daniel's dad wrapped his gift in a Marie Callender's country fried pork chop dinner box. It was pretty funny. His family stayed over for awhile after and we watched the 4th season of The Office. (he also got that for his birthday..we are all addicted) We had a full day of fun. I hope he had a good birthday...if not I sure enjoyed it. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daniel and Loafer showing in Farmington on 09-13-08. This picture was from the 3rd day of showing...About Loafer...We bought Loafer from Kti Jensen in May of '06. Daniel and I drove to Kentucky to pick Loaf up from the American Boxer Club Nationals. Loafer was born in England and was flown to the states when he was 8 weeks old...Kti was nice enough to take a chance with us and to allow us to take care of Loafer. Once we had loafer, Daniel began to show Loaf in the local Utah shows. It has been very fun to go to the shows with Daniel and to support him in something he is so passionate about. Both of our dogs are so much fun!!

Rhymer is not a show dog, but a gorgeous girl. Rhymer is the sweetest dog EVER... We are very lucky to have such good dogs. We got Rhymer 8 weeks after we got married. She has been so much fun for both of us. She loves to play with Loaf and loves that she is way faster than him. Rhymer will be 4 years old in November and Loafer turned 3 in June. Pic.. Shandi & Rhymer '05

Sunday, September 14, 2008