Monday, March 23, 2009

Ma's Twins Birthday's

Ma (my grandma..but DO NOT call her grandma...that makes her sound old. haha) is the funnest lady ever. I love going to visit her. Me and my cousin Alex always go see her for our birthday's every year.

My cousin Alex's birthday is the day after mine. Ma always called us her twins. I love having our birthday's one day apart...and especially that I'm a day OLDER than he is! That was always the best part while we were growing up, I loved letting him know that I am older. :) We have so much fun together. I love my Alex!!

Here is a pic of Alex and his girlfriend Claudette. They are both so cute!

Here is my "Ma". She usually WILL NOT let us take pictures of her, but for some reason this year she didn't fight us one bit on it. I'm glad I have all of my birthday memories with Ma and Alex. It makes it so much fun.
Our uncle Bud's birthday is actually on March 20th, Mine is the 21st and Alex on the 22nd.
Quite the birthday week for our family, and we LOVE it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shandi's 23!

Present's! Daniel is the BEST husband in the world. He made my birthday so much fun. I love being married to him. :) This is my 8th birthday that I've been able to spend with the love of my life. Thank you Daniel for all that you do for me!!!He definitely spoiled me on my birthday. I LOVE all of the gifts he got me. He's so considerate, and really thinks about things to get me. I'm so LUCKY!
My new summer scarf is darling! Thanks Babe! This perfume smells AMAZING! (Jessica Simpson, Fancy)
Daniel said the lady at the store made him smell over 50 different kinds. Thank you for spending so much time to get the perfect one!I LOVE this shirt, I wore it to the Zoo....see photo's below. :)Daniel found a pair of shoes for me online a few months ago, and I fell in love with them. ......He remembered that I loved them and got them for me. (What a great hubby) I get them sometime this week, and I can't wait!!Dan found a new store at the mall and got me 2 freaking cute shirts. They are both gorgeous. Nice work Larsen! THANK YOU DANIEL for the amazing gifts. I really do LOVE them ALL! You are so thoughtful!

Hogle Zoo
I've been wanting to go to the Zoo for years...and finally we actually went. I had a BLAST!! I couldn't stop smiling while I was there. I LOVE seeing all of the animals, and I LOVED being there with Daniel. I hadn't been there since I was very little and I hope we can go every year from now on!! SO MUCH FUN!

Driving on our way home. Yes..we took it while driving, I know it's unsafe, that's why you can see (the driver) Daniel is looking at the camera and I'm watching the road! :) haha.

On our way home my mom text me to come over to their house to open gifts from my parents and brothers and sister. The first one I opened was from my darling brother Skye. He gave me a coupon for one free movie and popcorn. (he's so freaking cute!)Kelsey and Myley bought me.....da na na na....The best movie EVER TWILIGHT!!!
I've already watched it 4 times since it was given to me. I can't get enough of it.

My mom and dad gave me these dang cute bowls. Now all I need is to have a party so I can show them off. (They also gave me a purse for my birthday/helping out a few weeks ago... LOVE IT... I'm using it in all the other pictures if you want to check it out.)Sara and Chase gave me a WAY cute shirt and some peace earrings! SO CUTE. (They weren't there earlier when we were taking pictures.) Also later Tosh and Maggie gave me some Lucky perfume. It smells WONDERFUL! Thank you everyone for all the presents!!

My sister Kelsey got asked to Prom for Alta High School. She looked GORGEOUS!Here they are getting ready to leave. I always hated it when my family took pictures before a dance, so I couldn't help but jump in the fun and take some of her. haha. (her dates name in Zack aka "Hashy") Later on that night my family wanted to go out to dinner with us, so my mom, dad, Myley, Skye, me and Daniel went to Chili's to eat. Dan and I ate there the night before too...can you tell we love that place!? haha. Dinner was great as usual, and then after we went back to my parents house to watch TWILIGHT!! I couldn't resist to watch it as soon as I got it. :)

Thank you to EVERYONE who text or called me to tell me happy birthday. I had a GREAT day!! BIG THANKS to DANIEL and MY FAMILY. I LOVE you all so much!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Starting off my birthday week...

Yesterday my family celebrated my birthday after church. We all got together and had an amazing dinner made by my mom. After dinner a few of us played 21 (basketball) and a few games of speed! I love playing ball...especially with my family. :) Then later on they sang to me and we had some pie. (AMAZING)

My mom had all of our family video's put onto a bunch of DVD's, so she had me go pick one out to watch. I couldn't pick just one, so the first one we watched was of my 16th birthday. I had so much fun that day, and I especially love watching the video because Daniel was at my party and I didn't know who he really was back then. (I wrote everyone's name down in my journal and when I listed Daniel...I just wrote "Daniel, Lone Peak kid" haha. LOVE THAT! It's so much fun to see us that young together. We started dating two months after my birthday!! I'll have to try and figure out if I can put the video on here...he's so cute on it. It's back when my hubby was a gangsta boo.

The next video we watched was when I was 10 and I got my ears pierced. It was on my cousin Lauri's 11th birthday. It was so funny to see our faces and I remember it very clear when it was done. I have SO many fun memories! Thanks mom for getting so many on video tape so we can still enjoy them. :)Left to right: Sean, Dad, Mom, Chase, Sara, Skye, Kelsey, Daniel, Me and Myley
HAHA...perfect placement for the photo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


A man came to my work with a few different snakes to teach us about safety. The snakes were insane...I LOVE IT! He let us hold the female Python. That thing was SO heavy, I couldn't believe it. The guy said that a female can get up to 300 lbs. CRAZY!! who knew?!

Me...Geri...Snake guy...and Nate by the door.
Me...SNAKE...Geri....and Nate

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Erin: Andrew: Kate

Dan's sister Erin and her two youngest flew in from Texas to play with the family for a few days. It was so much fun to see her and her kids. (I wish the older two could have come) It was our first time meeting the youngest...Kate! She is so dang cute.

We had so much fun while they were here...Eating dinner...Playing basketball...Going out to lunch...Watching High School Musical 3...Holding and playing with Andrew and Kate. SO FUN!!

We both wish they would come a lot more often, or just move back. It's been 3 years since we've seen Brooke and Mikey!!

Here are some pictures from the week they were here. ENJOY! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mackintosh Girls Shopping

So my mom took all of the sisters shopping for dresses to wear for Sara's wedding. I had a blast. Shopping can, and will bring out the worst side of someone. :) Two of my sister's DID NOT like shopping after a little while of not finding anything that they wanted. (which starts the sister fighting. haha) Oh well, in the end everyone still had fun and Myley was the only one to find a dress that she liked. She'll look so cute at the wedding...her dress is darling. (I already ordered one online, so hopefully it will look good...I guess we'll find out soon.)
Kelsey, Myley, Mom, Sara, Shandi

*oh yeah, I did buy a shirt and I got Kelsey a cute shirt too. So it was a trip worth while. What can be better than Mackintosh sister and mom bonding anyway?

Monday, March 2, 2009

he's so hot right now!

So, this is one thing that Daniel LOVES to play....the DRUMS. He's my little DRUMMER BOY.
I love listening to him play. Most of the time he's listening to Coldplay and playing one of their songs. When we got home from church on Sunday he went right up to play, so I thought I would video him this time so I could share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry the sound quality is not very good. **It's a lot louder in person** On some of them I started recording too soon..(a few songs had a long intro before the drums would come into play)

let me know what you think of my sexy, talented husband!

Sunday Afternoon

It was a GORGEOUS day this past Sunday, so Daniel and I decided to walk to my parents house for lunch instead of driving this time. Little did we know that it takes a good 15 min to walk there instead of the 30 second drive that it usually feels like. Oh was fun going for a walk and letting the dogs be outside. They hate being inside all day, but Rhymer wont touch the snow if we let her out. haha. So here we are enjoying mother nature on a warm winter day.

While we were at my parents house, me, Daniel and Skye decided to play speed. Skye ended up winning. Then we played 21 where Daniel won the first and Skye won the second game. Skye and I gained up on Daniel the second game...I knew I wasn't going to be the one to win, so I just wanted to make sure Dan didn't win. haha. He's too good to be playing with a girl and a 12 year old even though my brother is AWESOME! I had so much fun. I LOVE to play basketball, especially with my family.
So, walking to my parents house was way fun and relaxing. Hanging at my parents house for a few hours, playing a few games of basketball...makes me exhausted. Then I thought walking there was a terrible idea, because I didn't think about walking home after the long day. Oh well. We still had fun walking back and it took us even longer to get home because of how slow we were walking. :)
I love Sunday's!