Saturday, March 7, 2009

Erin: Andrew: Kate

Dan's sister Erin and her two youngest flew in from Texas to play with the family for a few days. It was so much fun to see her and her kids. (I wish the older two could have come) It was our first time meeting the youngest...Kate! She is so dang cute.

We had so much fun while they were here...Eating dinner...Playing basketball...Going out to lunch...Watching High School Musical 3...Holding and playing with Andrew and Kate. SO FUN!!

We both wish they would come a lot more often, or just move back. It's been 3 years since we've seen Brooke and Mikey!!

Here are some pictures from the week they were here. ENJOY! :)


Jess and Whitni said...

Those kids are so cute, you and Daniel will make awesome parents one day!!!! Oh wait you already have two kids, your pups!!!!!

The Adventure Begins said...

Shandi thanks so much for posting these!! We miss you guys already. I can't believe it's been 3 yrs. since you've seen Brooke and Mikey. We have to come out this summer!! Love you guys!