Thursday, June 16, 2011

White n Nerdy::

My little brothers dance performance. The dance teacher begged him to be in the dance class. He's actually quite a great dancer. I love watching him.
Once I get blogger to work for me, I'll get video's posted.

Trafalga Fun::

We always love going to Trafalga. Anytime with my adorable husband is the best.
My little sister Sara came with us. Her husband works on the weekends, so she gets to hang with the cool kids. :)Anyone want to go mini golfing with us? We have lots of fun. =0)

Sisters Birthday:: May 15th

My little sisters Kelsey and Myley share the same birthday. We missed having Kelsey around, the first birthday for Myley in 17 years without her. :( (she celebrated it in Kansas with her new husband)

Daniel and I bought Myley the Pass of all Passes. We've had so much fun hanging out with her and using it as much as possible. Her Birthday shirt. :)The boys had fun playing basketball. I love watching them play!It was a really fun birthday party! I can't wait until next year. =0)

Visiting Ezekiel in the hospital::

He's getting bigger! He looks like Maggies family, definitely not like my family, at least not yet.
His little double chin with him only weighing 5lbs. :)
My first time I got to see him up close. So fun! My mom's first time holding him.

My puppy dog::

Yes this post is about my dog. He's my favorite! We have been loving the nice weather and playing often outside. Here are some pictures from one of our playtimes. :)
What a cute face!!
I love it when he runs with the Frisbee in his face. He can never see where he is going.That's my buddy, Loafer!! =0)