Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day PROM::

My sister Sara had the idea to do a Valentine's Day PROM. We each asked our husbands to the dance. I made a puzzle for Daniel.
Then he answered me back with a different kind of puzzle. =0) He's freaking adorable!
He came home from work with flowers for me!! Gorgeous flowers!
We first went out to dinner is our best dresses and suits! We went to the Thai House in Lehi.
From dinner we were off to the dance. (Sara & Chase's house)
Here is our group photo. Daniel, me, Chase, Sara, Maggie, Tosh, Mom and Dad.
Couple pictures: Us!!
I was trying to show all of the sign. haha
Chase & Sara:
Tosh & Maggie:
Dad & Mom:
After pictures we DANCED the night away!!! We had so much fun!  We then played games that were a blast and hilarious!! All in all it was an amazing night!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl. GIANTS::

 Party!!! We went to my parents house this year for the Superbowl. It was a lot of fun! We always have a blast with my family. :) 

Here is my snack contribution. Pretzels and Rolos. Yum!
 Me helping my sister Myley make her awesome Giants shirt!
 Myley and her boyfriend Zavon riding a "roller coaster"
 Just us, sporting our new shirts we made!
 "Action shot"
 Couch potatoes!

We ate lots of delicious food, cheered really loud and laughed all night! What a day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trip to the Leonardo Museum::

Today we were invited to go to the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake with Daniel's cousin Kathryn and her husband Blake. It was amazing there! So much to see and do!

Here we are before the museum. Daniel, like usual is making fun of me, which made me laugh, and made for a cool picture. (I think...)  :)
In front of the museum....Everyone should go if you get the chance. It really was awesome!
Walking around the picture gallery.
Me and Kathryn by a cool piece of art.
Here is a better view of it. It actually reacted to what you were doing, either by moving or lighting up. Pretty amazing what people can create.
Here's Daniel painting on the computer.
Trying out the prosthetic. It was super hard to function with those. I can't imagine having to use those for hands.
Seeing what it would look like without a leg. It was really hard to balance on it. Way harder than it looks.
I had quite a hard time walking around on the double prosthetic feet. A great experience.