Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving & Park City

Thanksgiving was a blast! We went to my Uncle Dane's and Aunt Gay's new house in Lindon. It was so much fun to be around all of the family. We all ate so much. That is by far my favorite part of thanksgiving is all the amazing food. Here is a picture of how much fun me, my sister Kelsey and my cousins daughter Claire had...
After everyone left their house..Dan and I have a tradition that we go to Park City and spend the night at a hotel and shop like mad. Dan and I had our 4th anniversary on November 24th...we can't believe it's gone by that fast. So for the past 3 years now we have spent our anniversary in Park City hanging out and shopping all night. Last year and this past time they opened the stores at midnight. We shopped from Midnight until 5:00 then went and got some breakfast at Mcdonalds and then finally went to sleep until 10:00. At that time we had to check out of the hotel and we were back off shopping. We stayed at park city until abut 2:00 and then we ate like always at Ruby Tuesdays! (amazing!) On our way home we stopped at Nordstrom Rack and then to the South Towne Mall. Finally after that we were able to go home and sleep. We were both SO SO SO tired!! It was so much fun!!!! **Also this year we invited a couple friend to come with us to Park City. Thank you so much Guthrie and Laura for coming with us, we loved having both of you!We bought so many things! I searched all night and day looking for a dress for Sean's it is! Dan bought a new shirt and tie for the homecoming. He looks so good! I love my husband.

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