Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hale Center Theater: The Wonderful Wonderettes::

This play was amazing and hilarious! I was crying many times from laughing so hard. There were only 4 girls who performed the entire time, and they did such a great job. I want to go back and see it again before it's over.
The Set
The Four Amazing Performers!
I love date night!
Us, with my sister Sara.
Having a great time. :)
 My dad was picked from the audience to help out and be "Mr. Lee" a school teacher a student had a crush on. :)
 Here is "Mr. Lee getting engaged. My dad had a lot of fun and our friend Mimi was the girl playing the part my dad was getting married to. She made it so fun and we were laughing so hard! My family knew my dad was going to be chosen for this part but my dad had no idea. It was a fun surprise. :)

I always seem to forget how much I love going to these plays. One day I'll end up buying season tickets.

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