Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Bowling/Laser Tag:

I love family nights! We were just hanging around last weekend at my parents house and my sisters friend thought it would be fun for us all to go out bowling! We obviously couldn't say no to bowling, so off we went. 

My dad brought in a poster calendar and said that was the prize to the winning couple. haha. It was fun to say we all really wanted that poster and we all played hard for it. Daniel and I dominated the first game by 100 points!! Booya! Then the next game Kelsey and her husband Brian played the best, but luckily our first game was good enough to keep us in the lead and we were able to win the big prize!! :)
Us heading in to play Laser Tag!
After bowling two games we decided to play laser tag! Oh my, I love that game!!! I think I watch too much Prison Break because I was on fire, running around, yelling at my team and watching their backs while we "went in" after people. haha. We laughed and loved every second of it.  Hopefully we play again soon!

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