Sunday, November 13, 2011

England/Scotland Vacation 09/2011:

We had the privilege of traveling to England and Scotland this past September. It was a trip of a lifetime that we will never forget.
On the airplane, passports in hand and ready to sleep our way across the ocean.
(like I could, I was way too excited!)

Seeing Big Ben for the first time. Big Ben was bigger than I thought it would be. It was amazing to see!

Us with the guard at Buckingham Palace
The gate of Buckingham Palace. We were able to take a tour inside which was amazing! That place is huge!
Posing outside of Buckingham Palace
Us at Tower Bridge.
We took the subway to a little place called Camden Town. We are standing in front of the building where Daniel's favorite band Coldplay made their last two albums. We didn't get to meet them, but did find out they were there recording they day we came to visit. =)
Classic London phone booth picture
In front of St. Pauls Cathedral.
We went bike riding through Hyde park in London. I loved that part!
Daniel at Stonehenge
We also stayed in Bath Spa. Fun little town! Here is Daniel in front of the first Cathedral in Bath.

At our hotel in Bath. The hotel grounds were so pretty!
Our first stop driving in Scotland. Unbelievably gorgeous place!
We drove a lot in Scotland. When I say "we" I mean Daniel. He was an amazing sport. Wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road. He was a trooper! Here we are stopped to eat at Fort Williams. I had to get a picture of Daniel with the cool water and boat.

Another spot we just stopped at while driving in Scotland. I couldn't believe how gorgeous everything was. It was breathtaking everywhere you looked.

Across the street from the Edinburgh Castle! I could have stared at that ginormous castle for hours!
The adorable town of Inverness. 
We loved every minute of our 2 week trip and hope to go back again someday soon!

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