Friday, May 8, 2009


Since the new Nordstrom Rack opened in Sandy a little bit ago, Daniel and I decided it would be a great idea to go check it out. I love that store. We ended up with some great summer/work clothes.
Don't you love my shoes! haha. When I saw then, I HAD to try them on and take a picture.

For lunch we decided to go to TGIF. (For those who don't know, Daniel and I are extremely weird, so we started laughing when we realized we were eating at TGIF on FRIDAY. ...weird I know, but it gave us a good laugh.)When we got home Daniel had to study for a test he was taking the next morning, so I decided that I would take Rhymer for a longboarding with me. I thought she would just pull me around, but I ended up doing all of the work. The back of my leg was killing me by the time we made it back home. :) (I ended going to my parents and back..around 2 1/2 miles) WHOO! Longboards are so much fun!!! Thanks to my brother Sean for letting me borrow it. Soon I'll have one of my own. I just had to make sure I could ride one first.
Later that night we went to the "Sticky Shoe" to watch the movie Taken! That movie is crazy...I loved it. It's sad to know that stuff like that really goes on in the world, so some parts were a little disterbing. Can't beat 3 bucks for a movie for 2!


TycesCandie said...

We've been waiting for Taken to come to redbox.. and guess what were renting this weekend? TAKEN! I'm excited to see it... Did you guys go to the sticky shoe on mainstreet in American Fork? If so, that's where I grew up! :)

Michelle said...

i went home to lehi last night and totaly thought of you! ... probably cause my family still lives close to your parents. :) just stopping by to say hi.