Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slack Lining::

Oh my freaking heck...I LOVE slack lining!!! Thanks to Guthrie and Laura for providing the equipment and teaching both me and Daniel. It was so much fun. I'm sure I drove everyone completely insane by hogging it the whole time and still managing to suck at it. I was past frustration trying to get the hang of it, but at the same time I was so addicted that I could not stop. It was AMAZING!

I hated that Daniel was better than I was. (whoo, good for him) hahaha. I was impressed with Daniel's mad skills. It was so much fun to watch him! I hope we go slack lining a lot this summer. (hint hint Guthrie)




As you can see by his video and pictures Guthrie is the ultimate pro! He was way fun to watch, he made it look so easy. (Thanks a lot's NOT EASY)

Oh the beautiful Laura.... (as you can see in her pictures..GORGEOUS... Thanks for putting up with us. I know it's not your favorite thing to do.) She was also very good, her legs didn't shake at all!!... unlike my wet noodles I called my legs. =0)

Thanks again Guth and Laura. We had such a fun day with you both!!!


Jess and Whitni said...

Oh my heck girl you are crazy! Well you must have lotsa patience because there is no way I would ever be able to do that! Way to go... looks like fun, just looks way hard too!!! =0)

Cody and Hanna said...

My husband is obsessed with slack lining...we have all the gear and do it about once a week when the weather is nice. It is very addicting, unfortunately the most I have ever done at one time was 5 steps. haha.

Chot Z said...

hey! thanks for the comment. no, our condo is not on redwood. its out in the middle of the Ranches in Eagle Mountain. but they do look just the same.

TycesCandie said...

lol.. so I have never heard of this slack lining thing, but it looks super fun! :) I'm sure I would take one step and be on the ground the next!hahah

Laura and Guthrie said...

I just got back from New Mexico and finally looked at this.. I do have to mention, this is my favorite post on your blog. It is super granola, but one of the coolest things ever! You guys were a lot better than I was my first time, so after a couple of times going, you probably be better than I am. Anyway, we for sure need to go more often! Since it is not one of Laura's favorite things to do, I am glad you guys liked it:) (now I may have some slacking friends and won't have to do it by myself all the time...Well, hopefully, if you're interested of course) Anyway, thanks for trying it and I am glad you liked it, or at least tell me you liked it...:)

Laura and Guthrie said...

Haha, I feel like a little kid playing airplane when I try to walk on that thing:) It was such a beautiful day to be outside thanks for having us over to play!