Thursday, February 18, 2010

x96 Film Festival::

This was a freaking BLAST!!! Our friend Aron (no I did not spell his name wrong) invited us to come see his short film that he entered in the film festival. We had never been to one before so we thought it would be awesome to go and support him.

All the movies were so cool. I think there were 18 all together that we watched. All the movies were so different. Some funny, boring, (haha) serious, and scary. Totally sweet though! They even gave us food and some great desserts.

I hope we keep going to these types of things. It was a great experience. Aron did awesome too! I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Here we are with the x96 people ...Kerry, Daniel, Me, and BillI know this one is weird/blurry but you had to check out what Bill was wearing. They were both surprisingly short too! Big voices on the radio...short bodies. hahahaha.Just snapping a few pictures while waiting for the movies to start. I love my boy!The theater was pretty sweet.
Here is the screen we of course watched the movies on. (thanks Mr. Obvious)It wasn't very big but I loved the inside of the theater.Again it was SO much FUN! Seriously everyone should try to go to a film festival sometime in their life. It was worth being up late, even with work the next day. ha.

Special thanks to Aron for entering and inviting us!


Sarah said...

looks fun! i love kerry and bill - love his kilt!

Seth & Kirie said...

Oh man - I miss the Tower theaters :( I used to go to see old films there when I lived in SLC. Love it.