Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The big boys!

We all had so much fun! I love being with my family. We all loved watching the game. We were split of who we were cheering for. (which makes it fun)The game crew. Myley, Me, Daniel, Skye, Dad, Dallin, Natalie, Claire and John (my mom, Sara and Chase were are the party but weren't there when we did the picture)Dang boy you are fine! Us!
My cousins boy Dallin.I love my brother Skye. He's so adorable!
Skye, my cousins daughter Claire and me.
Sister Sara, cousin Natalie and me.
Pops, Skye and my mom.Me and my lovely sister Myley Moo.
I was trying to keep Claire happy so we took a few pictures. She is so freaking cute!
My cousin Natalie playing pool. I love playing pool!!! I'm not very good, but it's still fun.Another great Sunday with my family! =0)


Jason and Kristin said...

I'm sure you had some yummy food to eat too!!!

Natalie said...

SO fun!! Such adorable kids. You and your husband could be models! I miss you Shandi!! It's my own fault tho! Hope to be by to visit soon!! Natalie is out of town this week but hope to work something out for next week!