Saturday, February 6, 2010

"We're Ba-ack" {creepy voice}

Utah Jazz VS Portland Trail Blazers...
118 to 105

I'm sorry to everyone, but this is like my journal so I do need to post the Jazz game that we went to last Wednesday (02-03-10)

The Jazz of course won, they are pretty much AMAZING! It was a fun/crazy night. Dan's brother and his date Madi went with us. We've never doubled with him before so that was a lot of fun. I hope we do more often.

We got there an hour early like the place is still pretty empty. I love watching the players warm up and to get right down by the court.
The news guys getting ready to do their thaaang.During one of the time outs they brought out some people competing in the winter Olympics. It was pretty sweet. They are such talented people. {when I grow up, I'm going to be in the Olympics}These were the funniest ladies. I searched online and I can't find what their group is called. I believe you have to be 52 and older to be in their dance group. There were so many of them.Check out a video of them.
Enough messing around...lets get back to the game. =0)And there you have it. Another great game and a fun date night with my Bestest Friend Daniel.

Player Stats:

p Aldridge 27 Okur 28
rb Aldridge 12 Millsap 9
a Aldridge 5 Williams 13
s 2 players 2 Kirilenko 2
b Cunningham 1 2 players 2


Andy and Katie Crandall said...

looks like alot of fun!!!!!!!!!!! the old ladies are funny... i loved the video

Heidi and Kevin said...

hey remember that thime I called you and you text me that you would call me back and you never did that was awesome haha