Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lehi Rodeo::

The Lehi Round-Up is one of my favorite times of the year. Daniel and I always go to all three nights of the rodeo and always have a blast! Daniel took tickets at one of the gates and I handed out programs all 3 nights. It's a blast to help, plus we get to see a lot more people as they are walking in. I didn't end up taking my camera to Thursday night's rodeo but did remember to take it on Friday and Saturday. Everyone should know by now that I get carried away with pictures so here are some I took at the Lehi Rodeo!!!

Friday night was SO cold and SO wet! We stayed through all the rain and we were soaked by the end of the night. There was no way we were going to go home. Next year if we see clouds I'm for sure bringing more blankets and an umbrella. :) (Thanks to my dad for having some warmer coats in his truck he lent out to everyone in our group...he was a life saver.) My Aunt Lynn, Uncle Cory, cousins Tabatha and Jake also came on Friday night. It's so much fun to share the rodeo experience with family. =0) They wished it was better weather though. haha.

Saturday was so fun and a lot warmer! Even though the jokes are the same all 3 nights it's still a blast and never gets old. I still laugh every time.

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