Friday, June 5, 2009


What a fun vacation! Be prepared for a long post and MILLIONS of pictures!! Dan's mom, brothers..Mike and Chris, Daniel and I all went to Disneyworld from May 29th - June 3rd 2009. It was a BLAST! I hadn't been to Disneyworld for 5 years...Daniel and his family had never been so it was fun to be back and to show Daniel all of my favorite rides. We did so much in that period of time. Kick back and enjoy the pictures (it might be awhile haha).

Flight to Florida::

We stayed at this hotel for just one night. We were so tired from flying that we got to the hotel and fell right asleep.
Disney Hotel::

Car Ride::

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. I couldn't wait to go to Islands of Adventure and to show Daniel all my favorite rides. We all loved the Hulk and Dueling Dragons..both rides are wicked! We ended up being able to spend two full days at this park. Definitely my favorite place for roller coasters.
Islands of Adventure::

Universal Studios::

We were only about 20 min from the Amway Arena so we decided to go check it out. It was so cool and a little scary. haha. (The Orland Magic fans sure love their team!) It was game six of the Eastern Conference..Cleavland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic. Outside of the arena there was a jumbo tron playing the game. (I wish we were able to get tickets but of course the game was sold out.) It was so cool...I'm glad we were able to go. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Amway Arena::

The beach was so warm and the sun was so hot. We were able to relax and just enjoy being in Florida.

Clearwater Beach::


Radisson Hotel::

I had never been to Epcot before so it was awesome to go visit. All the different countries were so cool and interesting. We ended up going to "France" to eat dessert. So good!


We went on the coolest Safari at the Animal Kingdom. We got pretty close to some animals. This place was decorated so cool that we took a bunch of sweet pictures.

Animal Kingdom::

Hollywood Studios was so much fun! Daniel's mom and brother got to Disneyworld a day before the rest of us so they were able to scope out the best rides to take us on. The favorites were The Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster.

Hollywood Studios::

We didn't get to Magic Kingdom until two hours before closing on Tuesday night. This is the place that feels like "Disneyworld" even though all the other places technically are Disneyworld...this place is it! We ran right to Thunder Mountain and went for a ride (no line!) Then we went to Pirates of the Caribbean and rode on that and finally we went on Daniel's favorite ride...Peter Pan! That was all the time we had for rides which was a bummer. I guess we'll have to go back someday. :)

Magic Kingdom::

On Wednesday we decided to sleep in and go shopping for a few hours before our flight. We went to some pretty fun stores. Daniel got some sweat pants from Echo that were wickedly cheap. (we found out why at home..when he put them on we laughed our butts off of how ugly they fit. haha)I bought some shoes from Giorgio Armani that I LOVE! Thanks Daniel for letting me spend so much. :)


Flight Home::

All and all we had a great time. I can't wait to go back with our kids someday. =0) (no, we do not have kids already, nor am I making an announcement) THANK YOU Janice for the trip!!


Brys, Linz, and Kaleb said...

I'm so jealous. I love all the pictures. I've never been to disneyworld. I may have to make that my next vacation place!

Clayton, Kelsie & Carter said...

Thanks Shandi! You guys are little world travelers! I am jealous!!

linzy said...

how fun!!!! so jealous!

Chot Z said...

you guys do the funnest things! clearwater beach looks like paradise.
how come you get to go place so often? does someone work for the airlines or something? thats what i need to do.
looks like you had TONS of fun.:)

TycesCandie said...

WOW!! It looks like you had a blast on your vacation!! I am totally jealous! We have never been to DisneyWorld!! CUTE PICS! :)

Adam & Michelle Gooch said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I haven't ever been there either...thats one place I definately want to go someday! Thats fun about your new shoes too :)