Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day:

This year Daniel and I woke up early to be at his mom's house by 7am. We then opened gifts with his mom and two brothers. Then we went to Daniels dad's house and opened gifts with Danny and Dan's brothers. We then went to church with his Dad, who sang in sacrament meeting! Always a pleasure to listen to. Then after that we went home to open gifts from each other. Not a second later, we went to my parents house to open gifts with all my family, and last but not least, we went with my family to my grandparents house for Christmas dinner with all the extended family! WAY FUN DAY!!! Busy, but a blast!
Thank you Mother-in-law!
My mother-in-law bought us a new TV for our bedroom! AMAZING!
My dad's gift from us
Bro-in-law Brian
Sister Kelsey
Sister Sara, Husband Chase, and Mom
My cute necklace from my Sister-in-law Maggie
Brother Sean's new funny calendar
Mom's gift from Kels and Brian
Kelsey and Brian
Daniel's concert tickets to Foster The People
Concert tickets to Nada Surf
Revitalash = long luscious lashes!
Shoe grip for basketball
New basketball shoes: Kobe 7's. Booya!
My new Blu-ray player with Netflix!!

Best Christmas!!! We had an amazing day!

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