Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Jazz games in 3 days::

Jazz vs Nets....This game was so much fun! We went with my sister Myley, and brother Skye.
Green Man Group: We knew Clint the lead drummer
 Jazz vs Clippers: AMAZING. The Jazz killed them. =0) Always better when they win.  My friend Aubry from work invited us to the game and to sit in their suite! It was a blast. Delicious food and a great view.
 My friend Aubry's son Peyton. We were buddy's that night.
 Me and Aubry!
We feel so lucky to have gone to games that close together. We loved them both and smiled every second of it! Hopefully this means we'll have a great season and we will be able to go to more games. :)


Nate and Dani said...

Looks like we were at the same game together! We should have met up. IT would have been good to see you... it's been FOREVER. Hope all is well. You guys look so happy :)We should get together with Addie and do lunch sometime!

The Fords said...

I love your blog it's super cute!:) How's your adoption process going?