Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grandma's 80th Birthday Party.

April 16th we celebrated "Ma's" 80th Birthday! Lots of fun! We love our Ma!

Me and my brother SkyeCousin Zoriaha, sister Myley, brother Skye, Cousin Claire and me!
Skye, Clair and I again. :)Skye, me and cousin Cyus.
Dad, Skye, uncle Dane and me!My grandma and her children! Top row, Bud, Gay, Bruce. Bottom row, Belinda, ma and my mom! My grandma and grandpa thought it would be great to name all their kids names starting with a "B" and middle names that rhyme all together.... Oldest to youngest... Bertha Gay, Belinda Kay, Byron Ray, Bruce Jay and Becky Fay.Lots and lots of fun!

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