Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ezekiel K. Mackintosh April 16th 2011 BIRTHDAY!

I'm an AUNT!!!! My older brother Tosh and his wife Maggie had the first grandchild. Meet Ezekiel! He came 7 weeks early with an emergency c-section. He was 2lbs 09 oz. 16" long. Little itty bitty thing. I don't get to meet him until June. bummer. I love the pictures updates though.

Here here is around 30 seconds old. :)My brother holding him for the first time.My brother has a small hand, if that gives you an idea.The proud parents.getting fed through the tube.He can breath on his own after only 24 hours. They still do the oxygoen, just to be safe. He's too precious.I'm so happy for them!!! I can't believe I'm 25 and just barely became and aunt! Go figure, but YAY!!! :)


Adam & Michelle Gooch said...

He is ADORABLE! Hopefully everything goes good for them! congrats on being an aunt!

Joe and Aubrey said...

He is so tiny and super cute!! Hope everything goes well.

Chynna said...

How scary! He's so tiny but so cute!