Sunday, October 4, 2009

1st Jazz Pre Season Game & BYU game:

Nuggets 87, Jazz 103

We were able to get free tickets to the 1st pre season Jazz game because we are friends with Utah Jazz on Twitter. Awesome huh!? We always love watching the Jazz play. I hope we can go to a lot more games this season! We love the Jazz!
We got to the game about an hour early....we like to watch them warm up. =0)Carmelo AnthonyChris Andersen "Birdman"BYU vs Utah State: 34 -14.....GO COUGARS!

Thanks to my brother Tosh we were able to go to the BYU game this last Friday night. We had so much fun and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. I hadn't been to a game for 2 years so it was good to be back. We sat in the student section which was fun. They have A LOT of school spirit. haha. Thanks Tosh! We had a blast!!


Jason and Kristin said...

Do you guys ever stay home! I'm glad you didn't freeze to death at the BYU game. It was a chilly night brrrrr.

Jordan said...

How fun.. We need to go to a jazz game together!!! I love them!!!! And i will never forget our last BYU game together hahahaha

Jess and Whitni said...

HOW FLIPPIN FUN! That is so awesome that you got free tickets to the Jazz from twitter!!! Football and basketball games are so fun to watch, especially the Jazz and BYU! =0)