Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last weekend Guthrie and Laura come over to our house to hang out and we ended up playing the Wii. I LOVE playing all of the fun sports. After we had all played all of the sports we decided to have a battle of the best...boxing! First up...which is not photoed is Laura and Shandi : Winner LAURA! Next up Daniel and Guthrie: Winner DANIEL. Next up Laura and Guthrie: Winner LAURA for her 2nd win on the night. Next up Shandi and Daniel: Winner DANIEL for his 2nd win of the night. Making it a tie for first with Laura. Next up Shandi and Guthrie: Winner SHANDI with my first and only win of the night. Next up for the CHAMPIONSHIP...Daniel "quick hands" Larsen in the right corner and Laura "power punch" Gillings in the left.... and the winner is....... LAURA!!! Whoop Whoop!All the dogs love Guthrie...his dog Sucre and our two Rhymer and Loafer. I looked over just in time to see the 3 dogs piling onto Guth and all trying to be the closest one to his face. Thanks for being a good sport with the dogs. They love hanging around you!
Thanks Laura and Guthrie for the fun night. We will all need to play the Wii again soon. I had so much fun. It's always fun to get together with all of us and the dogs.

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Jess and Whitni said...

haha I love playing the Wii.. and I think my very favorite has to be the boxing as well! But man is it a workout! By the time I'm done with one round, my arms are already aching!!! Nice try Shandi... maybe Daniel can teach you a few of his tricks at winning!!