Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4TH of July Celebration Weekend::

Friday night (the 2nd) we went to a park in Lehi and watched some amazing fireworks! It was like a grand finale for an hour and we were only 100 feet away from they lighting them off.Walking to the West Jordan City Rodeo::Provo City Parade::Swimming and BBQ at my aunts house:: (doing a karate pose) hahalovely fireworks::Daniel's aunt invited us over to her house to watch the fireworks and have a BBQ. She lives on the mountain in Sandy...we were able to see fireworks from all over the valley! Gorgeous!Provo City Balloon Festival::We had a great weekend and got a lot done! :) I love spending time with my family!

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BTT Susov said...

Awesome! I love the firework pictures. Those turned out really cool. I was thinking of you last weekend. Contemplating a babysitter while I helped my mom unload a truck back into her house. But, instead my baby was pretty good and withstood being strapped in her stroller for an hour and a half.