Friday, December 3, 2010

November 24, 2010 = 6 year anniversary!!!!!! =o)

Daniel and I have gone to Park City on Thanksgiving night for our anniversary the last 5 years. We've had SO much fun with this tradition. We stay at the same Landmark Inn every year, we go swimming and then get ready for all night shopping!!!!

Just leaving the house...At our hotel..Bundling was FREEZING..Out shopping...this is around 2:30 AM...still going strong. :)3:30 am...needed breakfast, so we went to McDonalds. ha ha. Plus it was -2, we needed to get warm again.The next morning with our goods from the night before, getting ready to head back out for round two.We shopped all night, slept 5 hours, checked out of the hotel and continued to shop all day until 5:00 pm when we finally made it home and slept for a few hours. :) SUCH A BLAST!!!! I can't wait until next year. It's my favorite!!

Happy 6 year Anniversary Daniel!!!!


Jason and Kristin said...

I was remembering that you guys did that last year and was feeling jealous of all the good deals I was sure you were finding. Happy Anniversary!

Kurt and Jordan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Gosh we got to Park City right after you left probably!!!!! I miss you!!! Just want you to know what a cute perfect couple you are!!! Love you both

Jess and Whitni said...

Congrats on your anniversary! That is such a fun way to spend it in Park City... lucky! =)