Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tyler Hilton Concert ::

Friday October 15th, we went to the Tyler Hilton Concert! We LOVE him! :) 2nd concert of his we've gone to this year.

I can't remember this boys last name, but this is Deon..he was one of the people to open for Tyler.Josiah Lemming also opened for Tyler. He was on American Idol Season 7. He was cut just before the semifinals. He was awesome! Full of LOTS of energy.Up close of Josiah..
Here is Tyler!! ....and his band.Up close and personal..Tyler.Me and Daniel with Tyler...He's always so nice when we meet him. I also got a signed Tshirt from him. SA-WEET!Me and Josiah...He's WAY short, so he made me shrink and he's on his toes. haha. Funny kid.Me and my boy on our way home from the concert. LOVED this night!!

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