Monday, April 13, 2009


I woke up extra early to decorate the front room and to get Daniel's Easter basket ready. (All I really did was dump out 6 bags of candy on the floor and told him to pick it all back up.) After I was done decorating I decided that I would make him breakfast.

I got out the bacon and the waffle maker...I started on the bacon (first off I'm terrible at making anything eatable) So I tried to make the bacon...realizing the house is staring to get a little smokey, along with some bacon looks extra crispy and black and others look like it just got cut from the pig. I realized it wasn't really working out for me. I decided to move on to making waffles. I got out the box, and went to get one egg. Next realizing that the night before I hard boiled every last egg that we had. UGH! So with not being able to really make Daniel a very good breakfast I decided to go wake him up so he could help me with the bacon since that is the only breakfast thing we had to eat.

I full pound of bacon was cooked with the help of Chef Daniel. (which I fully enjoyed eating every last bit) Daniel just went straight to eating the candy I got him instead.

We went to his mom's house for lunch..which was amazing food. (steak and potatoes) After we ate we enjoyed watching the movie Marley & Me. His family had never seen it before and we weren't going to miss the opportunity to watch it.

After his mom's house we went to my Aunt's house for a family dinner. Yet again, amazing food. We played a million games of Ping Pong!! It was a blast to be with everyone and to enjoy the great game of table tennis.

Later that night we weren't able to eat dessert with Dan's family so we went back over to his mom's house to have Strawberry Shortcake. (It's something you can't miss)

We finally made it back to our house where we watched the end to Marley & Me..(since we had to leave in the middle of it to head to my Aunts house) I cried like a little girl again. I love it though.

That was a great Easter!


KurtandJordan said...

How fun!!! We love ping pong, i feel so bad I havent commented forEVER I promise to be better!!! You look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous like always.. Tell daniel hi for me. lets get together

Bradley, DeAnna, and Donovan said...

Ha! Donovan got a similar basket, but his was a soccer ball :)

TycesCandie said...

haha.. I like the idea of dumping candy on the floor!! Ty & I loved the movie Marley and Me however, we vow never to watch that show again now that we have a dog, in fear we would cry like babies! haha... p.s. here is the info for that condo...Maribel Haro
(619) 250-4934
Have a great day! :)

Clayton and Kelsie said...

It was so good to see you my love! You look great!! We should meet up and do lunch soon k??

The Holt's said...

hey! I remember that Lake Powell trip w/ you quite vividly!! Oh man, it was the best. Hopefully I don't have any adventures like that today. I guess we'll just have to see!! Let's get together soon for lunch or dinner!