Sunday, June 10, 2012


We went to Disneyland!!! Daniel and I hadn't been to Disneyland since we went for our honeymoon almost 8 years ago. We thought it was about time we went back. =0) Daniel and I drove there with the family. We had tons of fun and it was really hard to come back to work. Good thing for vacations. I can't wait until our next one!
::Mike, Shandi, Daniel, Janice, Chris::
::The lovely couple::
::Tower of Terror::
::Thunder Mountain::
::Train ride::
::Ice Cream::
::San Diego, Old Town::
::Coronado Island::
::Soarin' Over California::
::World of Color::
::Captain EO::
::Love this sexy man!::
::Amazing trip!!::

Westlake Summer Basketball:

My brother Skye is hoping to play basketball for Westlake High School next year. He's currently playing with them on a summer league.
::I love watching Skye play!! ::
::Neighbor Bryce showing me how fast he can run! Love this kid! ::

Mother's Day::

For Mother's Day we went to have brunch with my grandma at her assistant living home. It was fun to have a girl day and to spend it with my grandma, mom and sisters. =0)
::Myley, Mom, Ma, Kelsey and Me::
::Sister Myley's birthday was May 15th. We found this crown at Ma's house::
::Sister Kelsey's birthday is also on May 15th. They are like twins 3 years apart. ha. :) ::
::Me and Myley hanging out! ::
::We went out to dinner for Kelsey and Myley's birthday that night while Kelsey was still in town::