Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wow, way behind...Here is JULY!!

4th of July**
Of course we did fireworks and hung out with the family! I don't think there is anything more fun to do. :) *Myley, Mom, Dad, Sara and me. *Then we shot our bows in the barn. So much fun!!Happy 4th! (hmm...I think I am two months behind. better late than never, right?!)
Family Zoo Trip on July 5th..I always love a good zoo trip! We all had a lot of fun and it was great to have most of my family there. We missed Kelsey and Sean.
*Maggie, Tosh, Myley, Daniel, Me, Sara, Dad, Skye, Chase and Mom*Me and Sara being Monkeys. :)

Two of my cousins, Alex and Marshall, were getting married a day apart so they had a joined bridal shower. I love seeing all my cousins.
*Claudette, Alex (aunt Fern) Lisa and Marshall*We used to play in the playhouse all the time growing up. My cousin Natalie and I had to relive our childhood.shhh..don't scare the deer away. :) haha. Natalie, Kaylene and I + the deer.

My grandama...we call her "Ma" had been completely blind for the past 12 years. She finally had surgery and she can SEE!!! CRAZY!!! We were so so so excited, so was she! :) If you want the complete story, please let me know. It's pretty cool. She hadn't seen me since I was 12. Lets just say, everyone has changed a lot to her. This picture is after she saw Daniel for the first time. She thought he was pretty good looking. I would have to agree!My sister Kelsey and Her boyfriend Brian. Ma had a hard time telling Daniel and Brian apart. She was excited to see Kelsey!I love Ma so much. I'm so grateful she can see life in a new way now. It was so sad she had to be blind for so many years.


Demolition Derby!!!! Heck ya!! I love this part of the year! We missed not having Daniel there but I had so much fun with my family. ..Here is Skye, Me and Myley by the "Big Cat" demolition car.3 cars were flipped upside down. It was so crazy. They cars are completely totaled by the end.Gotta love being a redneck!! I know I do!

We went to the Park City Art Festival to see Trent Dabbs play. It was a blast and he was awesome.He talked to us after the show for awhile and gave us his CD.He said to pose like we were having the best time ever.... How'd we do?Again with the best day ever pose... =o)I can't wait until the next Park City Art Festival. We'll be going for a lot longer next time!! :) Who's in?