Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dallin LeRoy Davis

My favorite cousin Natalie had her second baby on Halloween!! Dan and I were able to go visit her the day after. Her little boy came almost a month early...he's tiny!

I think he was 5 lbs 8 oz and 19" long. He was so much fun to hold. The picture on the left is of course of Dallin and mom Natalie. The other picture is of me, Dallin and big sister Claire.

Myley Cheer Competition

My little sister Myley had a cheer competition at Lehi High School. It's so much fun to go watch her cheer. She is so dang cute! Myley is in 9th grade's crazy how time goes by so fast. So this is the story... one girl on the cheer squad got grounded and her parents would not allow her to go to the competition. All the girls were freaking out. They would have to hurry and figure out what to do for all of their stunts that needed every girl. They are allowed to bring a younger girl up to help, but not an older girl down to help. So a girl came up from the 7th grade squad to help with their stunts. The girl had to learn it all just minutes before the performance. Anyway...they ended up taking 3rd, even with all the hastle before hand. They did dang good!! I was very proud of her!! Myley is such a sweet sister. I love her very much. *all of the girls in the family on the last picture. I love my mom and my sisters. We have so much fun together.*

Dogs: Trick-Or-Treat

Halloween for the DOGS..... A man came into my work and gave me these scarfs to take home to my dogs. I thought they were fun and since we didn't buy them costumes they had to have something to wear. :)

..... The dogs made sure they were the first ones to the door to great the trick-or-treaters. Every time there was a knock on the door they would go charging up the stairs, and would make sure we noticed someone was at the door.

While I was taking pictures Loafer never noticed...but Rhymer didn't like how much the camera flashed so her pictures turned out funny. ha.