Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4TH of July Celebration Weekend::

Friday night (the 2nd) we went to a park in Lehi and watched some amazing fireworks! It was like a grand finale for an hour and we were only 100 feet away from they lighting them off.Walking to the West Jordan City Rodeo::Provo City Parade::Swimming and BBQ at my aunts house:: (doing a karate pose) hahalovely fireworks::Daniel's aunt invited us over to her house to watch the fireworks and have a BBQ. She lives on the mountain in Sandy...we were able to see fireworks from all over the valley! Gorgeous!Provo City Balloon Festival::We had a great weekend and got a lot done! :) I love spending time with my family!

Lehi Round Up::

Me and my boy!!I love my little brother, we have so much fun together!
Me, Skye and Myley::Just hanging out::Is it weird that I love this picture of us??My brothers sweet hair and the motorcyclists::

Me and my boy! Enjoying life!
Daniel, my favorite 14 year old brother and me! I love Rodeo's!
Happy Trails to you!


I took my little brother and his friend Stockton to the NBA draft party at the Energy Solutions Arena...(I really really wanted to go, so I was glad I had him as an excuse to go. ha)

Here we are in front of the "Jazz" car...We got to meet Jeremy Evans! Super nice..Just me in the Jazz locker room!!! Dream come true!The boys in the hallway of the locker room.Just hanging out doing an interview after the game...The balls the boys got for being cool from the Jazz dancers. :) Lucky boys!We all had a blast!! I love the Jazz and I hope they have an amazing season....which we know they will. :)