Monday, April 26, 2010

Tyler Hilton::

So, Dan bought me concert tickets for my birthday to go see Tyler Hilton on April 24th. I had to wait a whole month for something I really couldn't wait for. ..and then.... the concert was CANCELED!!! NOOOOO!!! I was so bummed! They got stuck in Cheyenne and wouldn't make it in time for the concert. GEEZ, are you kidding me?! I fool you not...the show was not going to happen. After being majorly bummed that night we saw on Twitter, Tyler wrote that he felt super bad and that we should all meet up for breakfast. Of course Daniel and I are in..but I didn't think much of it. I thought it wouldn't happen. The next morning (Sunday 4-25 ) I told Dan to check Twitter and sure enough Tyler posted his Hotel address and said come say hey! We jumped up and got ready as fast as we could and headed to WVC. (doesn't he realize West Valley City is NOT a good town ????)

We got to the Hotel and walked it and sure enough there was THE Tyler Hilton hanging out eating breakfast. I was is awwww! He must have known we were there for him..was the look on my face that obvious? ...He called us over and had us sit down with him and we started talking. NO are TYLER you know I love you?? That's what I kept thinking anyway. haha. He was sooo relaxed and easy to talk to. A few more people showed up and it was so much fun.

~here is the group of people~ *taken by Tyler's Dad*Then Tyler offered to play a few songs, so we went outside and listened to him sing away and play his guitar.His dad brought us out some jackets to wear, it was a little cold. I got the wear the jacket he is wearing on him album cover!!! I was in SHOCK!!! Pinch me, this feels like a dream. (it looks better on him. haha)Then he offered to take pictures with all of us and signed a picture of him for each of us.
He called Daniel the smartest man in Salt Lake City...I think because he was the only boy that came to see him. hahaha. He is smart though. =0)Here is my signed picture...notice the jacket he's wearing in the picture? Yes that is the one he borrowed from me. ha. (we totally have both of our pictures framed already..we don't want to ruin it, he's going to be HUGE someday and we already have an autograph.)What an awesome day! Better than the concert. We got to be up close and personal with one of the greatest musicians ever. YAY! Plus, he has rescheduled the we'll get to see him again. Oh happy day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ah, Easter. Such a fun day. First of all General Conference was so good!!! I loved all the talks.
We went to Daniel's mom's house to watch the first session of conference and had breakfast. mmm mmm.

Next we were off to my families house to watch the 2nd session of conference, eat dinner, and have an Easter egg hunt.

Here are all the kids in the family right after our egg hunt. (minus one brother, Sean, who lives in Hawaii..lucky!) Sara, Chase, Tosh, Maggie, Myley, Skye, Me, Daniel, Kelsey and Brian.Daniel and Chase always have to play a few games of pool.Me and Kelsey::
Me and Skye::There are always a few games of ball. Chase, Daniel, Dad and Skye::The whole family! Brian, Kelsey, Daniel, Me, Myley, Mom, Tosh, Skye, Maggie, Sara, Dad, and Chase::Very fun day!!!! =0) Happy Easter!